Research & Development

Our RnD theme is "DC Powered Smart Living!". We believe that sensors based closed loop systems are going to be an integral part of most solutions developed as a part of the "4th industrial revolution". And also DC power sources such as PV panels will hold a significant share in delivering clean energy to the retail and industrial sectors. Our endeavor is to develop efficient interconnected solutions along with promoting usage of DC power in an appropriate manner.. Our RnD is structured around advanced data capturing devices, efficient power conversion techniques, wireless interconnected networks and real time or historical data processing to create value to our customers..

Following are some of our products and solutions currently in PoC or Beta state. Kindly visit the Products page for more details on our market ready products.

Digital Power Solutions
  • High Efficiency AC-DC and DC-DC power modules 
  • Medium Power (upto 20A) - Solid State Switches for domestic and industrial applications

Sensors and Control (Closed Loop Systems)
  • Data SCPIC-C Platform for IoT/M2M* applications (also serves as a gateway device)
  • Micro Data Capture modules (uDCN)
  • Precision sensing and control modules for industrial application
  • Air Quality (CO2 and VOC) Monitoring devices.
  • Vibration Analyzing module
* We at yzThings™ perceive IoT as the application of science and technology to make our world more interconnected, productive and sustainable!