yzThings™ (formerly Sentrol Systems)... on a mission to transform conventional ways of living by making it more interconnected, productive and sustainable. Our engineering and technology solutions help small and medium enterprises enhance their profitability and organizational performance. Our solutions help our clients efficiently manage risks, reduce operation costs, and improve their overall business productivity.
We would like to introduce ourselves as a team of engineers committed to our mission through the development of "smart things" and closed loop solutions. In the course of our endeavor we have built a strong R&D base, both in skills and infrastructure and have been continuously conducting research to identify new techniques and/ or improve existing techniques relevant to the subject matter. We realize that our acquired knowledge is not only taking us closer to accomplishing our mission but also that it serves a great purpose to others in the SME sector and also new Entrepreneurs, Design houses and OEMs. 

In addition to our own resources we have a strong network of advisers, visionaries and eco-system partners catering to different product development segments. In order to accomplish the larger goal of improving end user's experiences we do realize that it is not only important for us to reach our goals but also that the eco-system should grow. We are committed to do our bit in improving the eco-system of technological advancements. It is our constant endeavor to identify and build strong industry partnerships.

We also provide consulting services to accelerate product realization in various end applications including Automotive Electronics, IoT, M2M, Home Automation and Medical Devices.With more than 50 years of combined experience we have the expertise to help accelerate developing your new product ideas or enhance your existing product's value and market life.

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